Saturday, 28 October 2006

Designing the vermicomposting bin

I looked into the designs of a lot of 'worm bins' and decided that I would make my own based on the structure used in most commercial bins (see right).

I have made a basic wooden box with a lid which the components of the bin will be housed in. The box also has a sheet of perspex at the front which is revealed when the front panel of wood is taken off. This is so I can observe the strata of the soil and take pictures periodically to record the progress.

The exploded view of the box below shows how it is comprised:

For a larger version of the image click on the link below:

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Jagadeesh said...

Hey, nice information about preparation of worm composting bin. I am preparing vermicomposting in a small form and this information helps me to do this process in a different way. thank you and keep posting new methods.