Monday, 11 December 2006

The first newborn!

Added: Carrot, parsnip, Onion, Potato peelings, banana skins, raspberry, rosehip infusion tea leaves and normal teabags. 1 spoonful of crushed eggshells.

Seen: a very young worm. Probably born in the last couple of weeks; about 20-30mm in length.

exclusive new shots of the first sighting of new eisenia fetida!

Maintenance: As mentioned previously the bottom section of the box had filled up with earth and consequently some worms had made their way down to the great abyss alas a rescue/maintenance operation was in need. I took the box apart and cleaned and reorganised, spreading the new food added in an evenly spread layer.

vermicomposter maintenance

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Murray said...

Hi Alex,

Congratulations on your new babies - funny how they all look like Winston Churchill!! Hope they get going soon.....