Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Brockley permaculture update...

Things are starting to kick off on the growing front with the Nasturtiums (part of the soil experiment), seed trays and herb + veg boxes all showing signs of a healthy improvement.
The soil experiment to see if vermicompost makes a difference to normal compost has so far proved that there isn't any difference! All Nasturtiums seem to be growing at the same rate but they're may yet be a change as I plan to add some vermicompost 'tea' which is basically a mix of water and vermicompost which you use in the same way as Baby Bio and similar products.
The salad and herb draw is at various stages of development with the mixedleaf lettuce growing very quickly. Coriander and Chives have just started to poke their heads out of the soil and Basil is yet to appear. The other draws which have aubergine, onions, wild flowers, horse radish, perpetual spinach and lettuce are all showing signs of growing with the horse radish not far away from picking. Various tree saplings seem to have sprouted which is probably down to the fact that we got some mulch from the Parks department and there must have been seed contained within it. I think I will transfer these soon to separate pots and nurture them into small trees for a park. In the seed trays we have mixed leaf lettuce and thyme. One of them seems to be struggling a lot and a change of position this week will hopefully induce it into some action.

More planting to happen shortly featuring: Sweet Peas, Lavender, Rocket.

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